Quick Release Tac-Sling
From The Tactical Tailor

26 November 1999
By Sarge

As a Council Member of Sniper Country we get requests to review many different items that may, or may not, be of interest to our readers. Often after hearing how particular we are in our "testing" we never hear from folks again! When Kevin Swanson of U.S. Tactical Supply contacted me I asked that he send me a catalog so I could see what The Tactical Tailor made, and in very short order a catalog arrived. Now most of you have probably never heard of the Tactical Tailor, I hadn't, but I hope this will change shortly!

Logan Coffey is the president of Tactical Tailor and was a US Army sniper graduating from the course at Ft. Benning in February of 1995. He started doing this and that, modifying Alice packs, making web gear and ghillie suits to the point that his "hobby" was taking up more time than the Army! So near the end of his second enlistment he decided to offer his products to the public.

And we will be VERY glad he has!! He offers everything from Assault Packs to web belts to ghillie suits and MANY things in between! And with something we all like - REASONABLE PRICES!! Folks if you do nothing else e-mail Kevin and get the catalog if for no other reason than to see exactly how many items they offer that we can use!!!

OK, OK, OK this is supposed to be a review of their Tac-Sling so here goes. Let me preface this with a statement that in NO WAY is this sling going to work with ANY SWS, this is a tactical sling designed to be used with everything from a MP-5 to the AR-15/M-16 to several different types of shotguns. So if you are looking for a tactical sling for your #2 or observer this is it!! This is a hybrid of several different slings I've seen on and off. It is made to keep the weapon close to your body but giving you hands free yet ready for immediate deployment as required. The most interesting feature is a quick release allowing you to get out of the sling quickly, or if necessary actually drop the weapon for those up close and personal hands-on situations! It is made of a 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing that has a "soft" feel to it that does not chafe.

This sling is so comfortable you can "almost" forget you're wearing it. I used this sling for the better part of 10 hours a day for three days while my son was deer hunting. He was carrying the primary weapon and since my hunt was already over I was carrying the back up, a 20" Colt AR, just for some coyote and other varmint practice if anything got near. Anyway this sling does exactly as advertised, easy to carry the weapon, hands free and quick deployment when needed.

I whole heartedly recommend this sling for the #2 sniper or observer and for any other situation where hands free is necessary. Tactical Entry comes to mind if you use the MP-5 or shotguns!

Folks try it you'll like it!!!

Contact information of suppliers

The Tactical Tailor can be contacted as follows:
Snail mail:
U.S. Tactical Supply
34653 Ranchero Ave
Albany, OR 97321
E-mail for Kevin Swanson: kls@proaxis.com

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