By Zephyr Dynamics Corp.

29 April 2004
By Sarge

Well here we go again! Nah this isn't one of those "why didn't I think of that" but this is sure one nifty idea that I wish I'd thought of!!

Kyle Posey of Zephyr Dynamics Corp. has come up with an add-on to your bipod called the "PodPaw". The PodPaw is basically a swivelling, aluminum and heavy plastic enlarged "foot", ok a Paw, for your bipod! Now they say it will fit not only Harris, but also Versa-Pod, B-Square, Outers and others but mine's a Harris so we'll have to go with that.

I got the package containing the PodPaw a little less than two weeks ago. Once out of the package and unwrapping it my first thoughts were Dang this thing is well made. After digging out the instructions and looking over the web site, yes I'll give you all the details later; anyway the PodPaw is made from 6061 Aluminum, CNC Machined and the Paw weights less than 12 ounces. To install just unscrew the two halves, take out the plastic insert, slide the large upper piece onto the bipod, slip the plastic piece over the foot of your bipod, screw the two halves back together and presto you're done!

OK now how well does it perform, OUTSTANDING!! There is an extra rubber booty that goes over the version of the Paw I have when you want to use it in a non-skid situation, vehicle hood or trunk lid, etc. I tried the Paw at first with this booty attached and since I was shooting off a concrete bench... well I took the booty off after 2 groups, the Paw without the booty did MUCH better, DUH this is how it is supposed to be used!

Anyway the first two 5 shot groups, now like I said this is off a concrete bench, using SCLE #3, were so-so, stuff I've come to expect from my GA rifle, sub MOA but nothing spectacular. Once the booties were removed... OH BOY! The next 5 shot group measured 0.37" wide by 0.63" tall, OK so it was ONE BIG HOLE! Well the fourth and fifth groups weren't much worse with the third group going a 0.4 x 0.7 Again these are 5 shot groups off a concrete bench with nothing under the Paw except a rag, I always put something down on those dang hard concrete benches! Anyway I'm impressed!!!

What I still need to do is some prone shooting which I didn't have time for today but wanted you to know about this neat new product!


Kyle can be reached at:

Kyle Posey
7136 S. Yale
Suite 300
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136
Phone: 918-640-2558
E-mail: podpaw@zephyrdc.com
Web site: www.zephyrdc.com/

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