The Photon Micro-Light

11 July 2000
By peteR

Sometimes its better to be able to shed just a little light on a subject, than to saturate the scene with illumination. The latest innovation in this field is the Photon Microlight. This diminutive light is a little larger than a US Quarter dollar coin, and comes with either a small spring clip, or key chain split ring.

Construction is nine simple components: the case halves and four small watch type screws, the power source (two CR-2016 wafer batteries) dubbed "power cells", an LED type bulb and a speck sized momentary switch. Simplicity itself! The case is a glass filled polyurethane and can withstand a lot of normal daily punishment.

If the batteries need to be replaced the owner can do so without having to send it back to the maker, unlike the ASP produced micro light. Photon rates the conventional white light as good for about 12 hours before battery exchange, and the green for up to 200 hours.

Rated for visibility at up to distances of one mile (Yes, I did test this out, and its true although just a wee bitty fire fly type of spark in the country darkness) this light has many innovative uses for the Tactical rifleman limited only by the imagination of the user. Available in a number of light colors including red, blue, green, and even Infrared! The Photon Microlight can be a nifty little tool.

A white light version is on my keyring and has been used for all kinds of practical daily chores, looking behind my P-C while hooking up some gadgets, walking in darkened areas on home construction sites, peering under the hoods and fenders of vehicles, and simply finding the keyslot in the doorknob when the front porch light is left off........

And my recent "strange use" favorite, shining it on the program folder of some rather rude people sitting in front of me at my daughters dance recital, and then asking them to keep it out of my field of view while I endured the show.

Yet another more practical example: I have the "turquoise " version clipped to the underside of the collar on my M-65 field jacket. If I need a covert light source for viewing a map, log book, or conducting a similar mundane task its right there when I need it with no fumbling for a light.

Here I have pictured it alongside a competitor, the ASP Micro light and you can easily see the size is significantly smaller. The one on the shown keyring is the IR (890 nm range) version and offers an useful option with many pieces of NV equipment, or for signaling a compatriot equipped with NV gear.

Operation is very simple; gently press back the switch for momentary use, or press it forwards until it clicks for longer term use. For "handsfree" use the Photon light can be placed between the front teeth and then gently bite on the circular pressure switch to activate. The small size and shape make this far easier on the user than trying it with a conventional mini flashlight of either AA or AAA battery size.

If longer term lighting is necessary, simply click the little clear plastic switch rearwards and the light will stay on until turned off.

Here is the OEM information on selecting a light beam color:

Color Characteristics:
Red Light:

This intense color is favored by pilots, sailors, fishermen, and astronomers for the excellent ability to preserve night vision and also for uses of safety, signaling, and map reading. Ideal for finding your seat and reading programs in theaters. All colors of light are great for the night stand, glove box, zipper, key ring, purse, or fanny pack. Red is an internationally recognized attention color.

Orange Light

This one is bright! The orange combines some of the aspects of both the red and the yellow. It doesn't disturb your night vision as much as the yellow, and illuminates things better than the red. Great for signaling.

Yellow Light

A traditional flashlight type beam at a lower cost. Will easily project 20 to 30 feet onto an area you desire to see. Being so incredibly small it is easy to carry several colors.

New 6V Green Light

Nearly as bright as the blue, turquoise, & white lights but with a longer battery life. The green light will run about 20 hours with one set of batteries.

Green Light:

While not quite as bright as the others, the green has the longest battery life. It will shine bright for 7 days continuously. That's about 200 hours of use from one battery!

Turquoise Light

This is my personal favorite. The turquoise appears slightly brighter than the blue. It is great for walking around at night. Wide angle beam lights up the whole room. The blue, turquoise, and white lights use two replaceable half-size batteries to boost light output. Because these lights use smaller batteries, the battery life is around 12-14 hours - still much longer than a regular flashlight.

Blue Light

Blue, turquoise, and white are the brightest of the Photon lights. The blue is tremendously bright and excellent for walking around trail or no trail. Wide angle beam illuminates everything to the side as well as forward.

White Light:

White is great for all around use as everything you look at is viewed in full color. The narrow-angle bulb produces an incredibly bright flashlight-style beam. At last a white light that won't burn out!

Infrared Light:

Used by members of the Secret Service, this Photon light creates a powerful infrared beam invisible to the naked eye. Rated at 11mW, this little light is quite a bit more powerful than your average IR illuminator. When used in conjunction with night vision equipment, it will illuminate a large area. *This Photon light is ONLY useful when used with night vision equipment or other equipment sensitive to infrared light.

Mine still sits on the keyrings and the only visible damage after over six months of daily use is a little paint that rubbed off during some trim work on my home. They are still as bright as the day I received them.

The suggested retail is from $9.95 to $29.95 for the version in a Wenger pocket knife
3330 Kinsrow Ave #229
Eugene, OR 97401
Toll-Free: 877-584-6898

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