Nikon's 25-75x82 Fieldscope 82mm ED Spotting Scope
From Tactical to Extreme Precision

20 January 2008
By Mike Miller

For many years I used a spotting scope for field use ranging targets and calling corrections. The spotting scope I used was good but never was clear enough for good reading of mirage or target identification. I had just settled for what worked not what was best. In 2006, I started shooting NRA F TR Class and my old spotter showed its limits. Reading mirage on a 5" X ring at 1000 yards I needed every advantage I could get and my old spotter did not fit the bill. I started looking through other competitors' spotting scopes and one stood out to me. That scope was a Nikon 25-75x82 Field Scope with ED Glass. It only took a few minutes to know I wanted one to use. I picked the straight eye piece model but the angled eye piece is also available.

Shopping around I found what I was looking for at SWFA.

New Nikon 25-75x82 ED Fieldscope
  • Green
  • Straight Body
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Fogproof
  • Sliding Sunshade
  • Includes View-Thru Case
  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass for the Ultimate in Resolution
  • Super High-Resolution Lenses
  • High Grade Optics and Multi-Coating Technology
  • All Metal Construction
  • Eyepieces sold separately
  • Free SWFA Lens Pen w/ Purchase

Cost was not cheap at $1299.95 USD, but spotters of this class are usually far more than this. Comparing this spotting scope to my old "Tactical Spotter" is like a Model T versus the Space Shuttle. The Nikon is that much better. Both work but most anyone could see the improvements instantly.

I usually class glass quality in spotting scopes into, poor, fair, good, better and as good as it gets. The Glass in the Nikon is as good as it gets. Basically as good as I have seen at any price and a best buy at this level. Not the most scientific way of classification but something most can understand. For the optics guys the lenses are ED Glass and fully multi coated. For the rest of us, the lenses are so clear I can see far more clearly than ever before. Dialing off focus the mirage reading seems far easier for old eyes like mine. I am very happy with the clarity of this scope.

Focus of the scope is very easy and precise. The eye piece adjustment is easy also but both, power and focus adjustments, require two hands to adjust or you will move the scope off target. This is common to all the spotters I have used. Power range is from 25x to 75x. I find I use the scope around 40x most of the time for mirage reading. The scope has plenty of clarity to use at the higher power but unless it's real early in the morning or the temperatures are fairly low the mirage will make any scope above 40x useless because the air is not clear enough to see through. That means don't expect any spotting scope to see bullet holes 600 yards and past except under ideal conditions. Under ideal conditions this one has the power and clarity to see bullets holes at great distance, but once again we are at nature's mercy. Too much heat will cause mirage to boil and cut down distance you can see the holes. At least in this case it is up to nature because the scope has the ability. My old spotter just would not cut it under even ideal conditions.

Construction of the scope is all Heavy Duty Metal and well made. The scope is "Fog" and "Water Proof". Fit and finish is excellent. The spotter comes with a soft protective case. The case is fully functional but seems cheaply made. It could be improved and this cheap type of case seems to be what's included with most high dollar spotting scopes, so this is not just a Nikon problem it seems industry wide.

Overall impressions of this scope are excellent. Size and weight are fine for range and field use. Optically it is outstanding. Quality is as good as it gets. The only complaint I have is this scope does not have a reticule option, so no way to use this for calling corrections or ranging. If this option was made available, this would be the only spotter I would use.

I have used this scope for about six months now and it has served me well. I plan on using this scope for many years to come. Come on out and see me using it in F TR Class.

Mike Miller

Technical Specifications

Focusing System :
Magnification x :
Objective Diameter (mm) :
Real Angular Field of View :
Apparent Angular Field of View :
FOV@1000 yards (ft) :
Close Focus Distance (ft) :
Exit Pupil (mm) :
Relative Brightness :
Eye Relief (mm) :
Size (L&W) inches :
Size (L&W) mm :
Weight oz/grams * with 25x eyepiece :

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