Mildot Master™

27 August, 1998
By SFC Kent Gooch, AR ARNG, Photos by Dave Croyle

Introduction - The Mildot Master™ is a kit comprised of a 7" x 3" sleeve made of riveted khaki-colored heavy vinyl, a slide, which moves within the sleeve, and a manual (providing intructions and practical exercises). The slide is calibrated for yards on one side and meters on the other.

Function - On the front of the sleeve are two windows which, when the device is manipulated, allow the shooter to read target distance and inches/moa/mil equivalents. The device is used by doing the following: 1) the shooter aligns target size opposite mils measured; 2) the shooter reads the range at the target range index; 3) if the shot is uphill/downhill, the shooter measures angle and reads corrected range at appropriate point on angle scale below the target range index; 4) the shooter selects bullet drop/drift figure appropriate to the range and load being used and uses scale on Right-hand side for scope adj. (MOA) or holdover/hold off (mils) and 5) the shooter holds hard and squeezes.

Field Use - I used the Mildot Master™ at the D&L Sports Tactical Marksmanship Competition from 21 - 23 August 1998. My initial plan was to use a Leica "Vector" Laser range finder as the primary distance determination aid. Light and terrain conditions forced a change in plan, as the laser would not function past 600 meters. This resulted in the use of the M24 SWS' Leupold M3A scope with mildot reticle and a Mildot Master™. This was a departure from my normal SOP of using a calculator with the mil scale.

During firing, it was obvious that the Mildot Master™ was an excellent aid. It was actually faster than a calculator and I was able to do multiple calculations using different dimensions of the same target much faster than with a calculator. This is important when using mil dots as it is best to check measurements against each other. For example it is better to measure the targets height and width to ensure that they give the same distance. This helps to confirm distance. Moreover, I used the "firing angle correction" feature a few times and found it very functional.

Future Improvements - The manufacturer is extending the Target Size Scales to 20 feet and the Range Scales to 2000 yards/meters, for military, anti materiel applications (e.g., 50 cal. rifles). The "extended range" slides will be available free of charge (around the first of September, 1998) to any purchasers of the device in its 1000 yards/meters configuration who desires such extended capability. Purchasers need only send the manufacturer an SASE. Further, the manufacturer is making available at about the same time, an optional slide that has the Target Size and Bullet Drop figures in centimeters, for European usage.

Summary - As stated in the Mildot Master™ manual, the Mildot Master™ will not make you shoot any better or help you to read the scopes mil scale. It does however make the calculation of distance and sight adjustments much easier, faster and reliable than a calculator does. It requires no batteries, the shooter can confirm elements of the formula at a glance (target dimension and mil reading) which require a reentry of data on a calculator and can be used in environmental conditions where a LCD calculator would have difficulty performing (extreme cold, in water, etc.).

I highly recommend the Mildot Master™ as a companion/backup system to a laser range finder when the shooter has a scope with a mil dot reticle.

Availability - The Mildot Master™ and manual go for $29.95 (check or money order, no credit cards), postage prepaid, U.S. delivery ($34.95 to Canada, $40.00 to Europe) from:

Mildot Enterprises
Attn: Bruce Robinson (
PO Box 1535
Los Lunas, NM 87031

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