"Space Case" Rifle Case
From Kolpin Manufacturing

09 July 2000
By Sarge
Front of case. Green area to right is a detachable 
storage case
Front of case. Green area to right is a detachable storage case

I do various reviews of different products throughout the year and find very few can I classify as "different". Yes this is a rifle case. Yes it's a "soft case", but not really, and it's not a hard case either! But let me digress just a bit. A few months ago SOMEONE on the Roster mentioned this case in a post. I apologize to whomever it was because I do not remember who you are. I contacted Kolpin Manufacturing and after a while, they get LOTS of e-mail and they WILL get back to you although it seems like forever it really isn't, I was contacted by Tammy Flick, Sales Administrator. After some back and forth e-mail I received a Space Case in short order. The box contained this rather, I guess the right word is hefty, green and black case. Again it's more soft case than hard but has a VERY substantial section they call a Rubber Rhino Rib Panel, it's the black section you see around the middle of the case, that covers what would be the entire receiver/scope area. This material is heavy and can take a fair amount of abuse without damaging the contents, but remember folks this is NOT a hard case and the contents should not be treated as if it where. On the other hand it IS heavier than a normal soft case.

Back of case with backpack straps
Back of case with backpack straps

The case uses heavy duty #10 military style nylon coil zipper and has two backpack style shoulder straps, a wrap around padded handle, which is secured with heavy duty velcro and very comfortable. There is a separate bipod case attached to the exterior, three external magazine pouches and a detachable accessory case, which is nice but I'll have some comments on it later. The entire case opens flat to become a shooting mat and is weatherproof and washable.

Kolpin advertises this case as "Large enough to hold virtually all department shotguns and rifles with scopes including your favorite deer hunting rifle." Wellllll, OK, BUT, trying to place my Remington 700 VS with Harris bipod and a Leupold M1 LR scope into this case was a stretch. It DOES fit but just barely. An AR type rifle though - which is what this case was really designed for - fits very well even with a scope.

With ground cloth open
With ground cloth open

As stated earlier this case opens up to form a shooting mat when you open up the inside "flap", this can also be completely removed. The flap covers quite a bit of ground and since you're laying on the padding it really is pretty comfortable. The "buttstock" end of the case has some type of a "non-slip" material, on the inside, for you to rest either your elbows or the bipod legs, whichever your choice may be, again with relative comfort.

The "Space Case" name I'm sure comes from the idea that this case has lots of "space". Well it does. One of the ideas is to fasten an accessory case on the outside of the main case for smaller items. This case works well for placing a fair amount of cleaning supplies, spare parts and anything else you could fit in there. Next would be the bipod case, again on the outside of the main case underneath the small case. Last are the three magazine pouches also on the front of the case. Yep lots of "space".

Inside of detached storage case displaying seven zippered 
Inside of detached storage case displaying seven zippered compartments

All in all I'm fairly impressed with this case. Good combination of a soft/semi-hard case. Kolpin has the right idea but I would like to see some modifications. First increase the entire size of the case by two inches in length and width, then it WILL fit just about weapon you would want to place in it. IF this is going to be used with an AR-15 type weapon increase the width of the magazine pouches to hold two magazines each instead of one. The bipod case again could be a little wider and maybe not as long - unless you're using a REALLY long bipod this pouch is long! Or you could actually extend a very narrow section along the top edge of this pouch to fit a full length cleaning rod - hey if this is going to be a range case that would really work! The "ground pad" on the inside of the main case, good idea I'd just like to see it either dark green like on the rest of the case or at least black, big squares of gray don't do much for concealment. And last but not least, the accessory case. The only real problem I have with it is the way it's fastened to the main case. It uses four small fastex buckles that are really nice BUT, they do not secure the smaller case from flopping around as you move. Again if you're using this as a range case no problem but as a field case you'd either want to remove it or my suggestion keep the buckles but add a pair of straps that could be tightened to hold the accessory case closer to the main case.

This is a sort of soft case that is really different. It offers a "heavy" advantage over the "normal" soft case and has a good amount of storage for various different items. Can I recommend this case, without question? But I could REALLY recommend it with a few of the modifications I've suggested.

Check out their website, they have lots of different types of cases for many different needs. The Space Case is product number 20250 and is listed under the soft cases not the Law Enforcement cases.

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