D.D. Ross Company
Picatinney style scope mount

11 May 1999
By Sarge

Unless you are in the military or have been a law enforcement marksmen for a number of years you've probably never heard of D.D. Ross Company. Truthfully I had not until I read a review of Remingtons new "Light Tactical" rifle, in one of the "trade" magazines. As we are always looking for quality items to test and review for you, this one went high on Sarge's "get his hands on" list! After a phone call to Dan Ross a mount, they call it the 6-48 Optical Platform, for a Remington 700 SA was in my mail box rather quickly. This is one of twenty-four (24) models available.

My first impression of this mount is - IT IS HEAVY. Dan says it's made from 4140 pre hardened steel and its the heaviest base I've been able to get hold of! This mount is the "civilian" version of one they are currently providing to the military, standard picatinney type with 12 slots for mounting which extends well over the front recoil lug, for mounting just about anything you would want to put on it, four (4) screw holes - REAL solid rifle to mount lock up - the screws are of course torx head. The base is mil-spec and all tolerances are kept to .002 inches for outstanding quality control. The mount has an integral recoil lug, forward cant is 25 MOA! Now as I have a Tasco SS10x42 with approximately 120 MOA of internal adjustment I don't "really" need the extra 25 MOA but there are plenty of scopes out there - the Leupold Vari-X III 3.5 x 10 M3 Long Range comes to mind - that do need some help to reach 1,000 yards.

Quality is evident as soon as you look at this mount - after getting through the nice thick layer of grease its coated in - no milling machine marks, good, dull, flat black finish. As I've said before this thing is heavy duty, and I don't think you could ever wear it out with "normal" use! While a "little" higher than most mounts at $195.00 ( plus $5.00 S&H - LE discount available) its construction, quality and strength makes it worth every cent!

D.D. Ross also makes a steel trigger guard for the Remington and Winchester rifles as well as their own line of tactical rifles (sorry guys the rifles are available to law enforcement only).

If you are in need of a mount to give some serious additional elevation to your scope or just need a very fine heavy duty mount - this is it!

Dan Ross can be contacted at:
D.D. Ross Company
5672 Arlyne Lane
Medina, Ohio 44256
Phone: (330) 725-3032

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