Remington Arms Company
Law Enforcement - Government Sales
(Remington Endorsement of Gun Ghillie)

March 13, 2000

Sabco Industries, Inc.
P.O. Box 90495
Lakeland, FL 33804
Atn. Thomas Sabo

Dear Thomas,

I have completed my testing of the Gun Ghillie and wanted to provide a brief report back. I have been extremely pleased with it as has others that I have shown it too.

Before I can ever recommend any product to my management for potential addition to the Remington line or for licensing our name, it is crucial that I give it a full test and evaluation. Although I had the full cape, the model I tested is the half cape.

I found the product to be exceptional in rifle fit, application and durability. I tested it in winter foliage and in the woods in snow. Even in the snow the rifle blended in well with the winter foliage I place it next to.

Although I cannot reveal the agencies I exposed it to, it was shown and demonstrated in front of a multiple of state and local police agencies, several federal agencies and even 2 branches of the US Military. All were very impressed. They too will be looking for one of the full-length capes to test.

I am now ready to present this item to our Remington management with the recommendation that we add it to our accessories line. Please provide me with pricing that would allow for quantities of 250 to be purchased at a time. I would also appreciate several of your brochures about the product.

Please let me know if there is any additional information I need to provide you with.

Best regards
Gregory A Foster
Manager, Law Enforcement
and Government Sales

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