Brunton ETERNA 8X40 Binoculars

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Upon looking through a Brunton optical device (I've looked through both their binoculars and their monocular), you'll notice that the optics are clear, sharp and bright. Although these terms may seem subjective and possibly like meaningless jargon, the viewer will, no doubt, enjoy peering through the Brunton optics. The optics have Brunton's Starfire multi-coating (BaK-4 prisms [the Bk-7 glass is a glass used in lower quality optical devices] with 15 coatings) and, with the multi-coatings, block out 96.9% of harmful ultra violet and infrared light. By reflecting this unwanted light, the optical multi-coating system eliminates annoying glare which allows the optics to perform equally well on dark or sunny days, over water or snow, and in the dark shadows of a forest.

The binoculars have an aluminum body frame covered with protective rubber armor coating. The sealed optical system is purged with nitrogen which makes this optic not only waterproof, but ALL weatherproof, guaranteed not to fog internally. This was one of my criteria for choosing a good quality binocular--it had to be waterproof. They have never fogged up on me in a variety of situations and Washington state is not known for being dry. The main focus control is a center focus device located in a position which is easy for the fingers to find when the user is holding the binoculars in a natural position. Unlike some binoculars I have used, the focus system is very positive and sturdy. Pushing the ocular lenses (i.e., eye pieces) against your eyes or face will not cause the device to go in and out of focus (unlike Bushnell binoculars, for instance, which also are not waterproof). The diopter ring (for individual eye focus) is located on the right objective. A feature which I consider important is that the diopter not change after it has been properly adjusted (this is a problem on the B&L compact binoculars). The diopter on the Brunton is stiff (yet smooth) enough not to change after it has been adjusted. Another important feature for me is that the ocular lenses have eyecups that pop down or up easily and positively for use with or without eyeglasses. These cups should stay in place once adjusted. I can gladly say that these cups work very easily and positively on the Brunton binoculars.

After having had these binoculars for a couple years, I can recommend them in the strongest terms. After my experience with the 4004W, I am interested in purchasing the 4002W (7X42 in lieu of the 8X40) and the 4071 (the monocular, 8X30) at some point in the future. If I recall correctly, I paid around $250 for the 4004W.

4004 Eterna 8X40 waterproof binoculars
Objective lens size:
Field of view @ 1000 yards:
441 feet
Exit pupil:
Eye relief:
28 ounces

soft case
neck strap
lens cloth
lens caps
ocular lens cover
instruction booklet

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