Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch

< 1999
By Scott Powers

If you have a tactical rifle based on the AR-15, AR-10, or SR-25 Flat Top you have probably run into a clearance problem when mounting your scope toward the rear of the rail mount. This problem is not obvious until the scope is mounted and you attempt to rack the T-handle back to charge the weapon. Often, the T shaped Charging handle is sufficiently masked by the ocular end of the scope that you have a hard time getting a grip on it! This is a real no-go! You either have to move the scope forward on the mounting rail or learn to contort your fingers under and around the rear of the scope to grasp the handle.

Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch Badger Ordnance has come up with a unique and simple lever that replaced the locking latch in the T-handle. Installation takes very little time and can be done with a simple drift pin and hammer. The Badger Ordnance Tactical Latch is a completely redesigned extension of the locking latch. It is not a modification of the original and the machine work is about what you'd expect from Badger Ordnance. The device is well executed and the Matt black finish matches that of the weapon. The device extends just over 1/2 inch past the stock latch and has a 1/2 inch square ring machined into the end. The installation of the Tactical Latch will allow you to mount a scope as far back as you feel comfortable, while still being able to manipulate the charging handle. This seems especially useful if you are utilizing an ELCAN or ACOG type sight. Also, for those of you who are employing the standard upper receiver, the addition of this latch will make charging the weapon far easier if you also use the Colt or Choate style cheek piece that extends forward toward the rear of the upper receiver. The latch may also make charging easier when combined with various night vision devices which are traditionally very bulky and occasionally hard to reach around. For a retail price of $18.95 this is one of those small useful gadgets that actually has a solid function.

You can contact Badger Ordnance directly at: 816-455-3704

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Badger Ordnance
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