Mr. Daley

10 October 2002
By Dennis Muldrew

My response to Mr. Daley

Mr. Daley, I have read your article in the DAILY NEWS on the information shared by shooters on sniper related web pages. As one who frequents these pages, I own many firearms. I have attended tactical shooting classes and am proud to say that the information gained from these endeavors has made me a finer marksman. I have increased my knowledge of firearms, tactics, ballistics, and my ability to judge distances. I have learned how wind, altitude, temperature and humidity affect each an every round that I fire, at any distance. This information has not made me a terrorist, or a killer. It has made me a more confident and competent marksman.

I have owned and shot firearms all of my life. I own what is loosely called by the liberal press both assault rifles and sniper rifles. I learned to shoot in The Boy Scouts of America, and the United States Army taught me more about shooting, and the costs of freedom.

You see Mr. Daley, the freedom that you so enjoy as you judge others and so proudly share with millions through the press, comes to you not through the lofty endeavors of the poet, the author, or the editor. Those freedoms were granted to you by brave men centuries ago who held rifles in their arms. The learned the art of the rifle from their fathers, their brothers, their neighbors and their friends. They shared this information in any way that they could because they knew that there wouyld be times in their lives when what they knew was important.

Today is no different. We still learn to shoot from others, we learn fieldcraft, survival, and tactics from those who have been there, and know what it takes to be successful and survive. These are skills that some seem to think that we no longer need. We have smart bombs, laser guided, with pinpoint accuracy. We have cruise missiles, tactical nuclear weapons, billion dollar hardware that has taken the idea of war and conflict to a level that was previously unimaginable. Our military service learned in both the great wars, as well as in Korea and Viet Nam that the man with the rifle was indispensable. It was a lesson that unfortunately we had to learn over and over with each conflict, until the Army and Marines finally formed the Sniper training programs that they have today.

The people that you are so critical of on many of these sniper websites are police officers, military personnel, active, reserve and retired. Patriots of all types who know that the skills and knowledge that they talk about and share with others are ones that we as a nation cannot afford to let slip away. We cannot afford to let them slip away because we know that in future conflicts, as we have learned in the past, that the wars will be won by one man, with his rifle. As it has been, and so it will be, over and over again. Our country kept safe and secure by a marksman. The same marksman who over two hundred years ago secured for you the freedom of speech, and has allowed you to publish your mind, without fear of reprisal or censure. This is the man that many of us hold in a place of honor, and without which our world would be a very, very different place.

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