Gunny, We Salute You

23 February 1999
By Scott Powers

We were very sad to hear that, in the early hours of Tuesday, February 23, 1999,
Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock II USMC/Ret passed away.

The Late Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock II USMC/Ret

But instead of dwelling on this sadness we would prefer to remember him by the inspiration he brought us all. Few people have so unintentionally had so positive an effect on strangers. The gift Carlos Hathcock gave us was more than just a standard for achievement and excellence in our own endeavors. He showed us that anyone, no matter what their background, level of income, schooling or upbringing, could adapt, overcome and excel. His example, through the toughest of times, is enough to make everyone of us sit back and ponder our own lives and how we manage them. No matter your station in life, you can take away something positive from the life and experience of Gunny Hathcock. That is no small thing.

I am sure everyone, no matter their branch of service or civilian status want to wish Carlos one final and heartfelt "Semper Fi!"

Good bye old man, you did your country proud!

The SC Staff

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